internet first midset for newspapers

It is time for newspapers to make an effort to change their mindset from print to online. Although the print product still will be a major presence in newsrooms and ad tables, making the change to online-first will allow papers to expand readership and increase revenue.

Foremost, selling ads for print doesn't translate fully for online sales. Offering advertisers the web as an add-on will only work to a certain degree. But selling your online product as a benefit, will help increase sales because it gives your website value rather than just being an afterthought. (Related: Website Monetizing)

Additionally, as the link above shows, building online revenue can be easier than ever with RevShare, but we digress a bit here.

On the news side of things, websites can work not only as a compliment to the print publication, but as a tool to expand readership, breaking news, alerts, features and more. As numbers for a long time have shows, most people are getting their news from internet sources rather than print publications, and your community newspaper is not immune from this.

Our system allows reporters to post articles and images directly from their phone or tablet, with a custom workflow to notify editors of new articles added, for ease of editing back in the newsroom ... in real time.

Pair the site with our app, and your readers can get instant access to your news as it breaks. The app works in conjunction with the site without the need for editors to re-post the article anywhere other than the website. (See our app page)

But this doesn't mean that you cannot give your print product its necessary attention. Many older readers and part-time residents still like to see the publication in full. These subscriptions can cost your paper money for shipping, etc. But our e-edition software can delivery your print product in full to your subscribers for no shipping cost. The e-edition software works on all computers, tablets and smart phones and gives an immersive online reading experience to users.

If you would like to discuss some of these options and what would fit best with your newspaper, please contact us to set up a free consultation.


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