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Founded in 2004, Surf New Media has decades of experience working in and with newspapers in many ways ... Including working within newspaper staffs as reporters, ad reps and IT technicians. No one company knows what newspapers need online and in the ever-growing mobile market than Surf New Media. All Surf New Media technicians are highly qualified in their field, many working and consulting with companies such as Apple and Mozilla. Our e-Edition page flip and subscription-management service is just one of the latest innovations our staff has implemented in the publishing market.

We have also introduced our iOS app, which connects seamlessly to your website to automatically update content for your readers. This approach allows you to concentrate on producing the news rather than juggling various platforms. Contact us today to bring your site to the next level of web and mobile technology while increasing your online revenue.


Tecumseh Herald: https://www.tecumsehherald.com/
Nome Nugget: http://nomenugget.com
Newsletter Journal: http://newslj.com/
Black Hills: https://www.custercountychronicle.com/
San Juan Record: https://sjrnews.com/
The Groton Herald: http://grotonherald.com/
Tri-Corner News: https://tricornernews.com/
Salem Leader: https://www.salemleader.com/
The Beachcomber: https://beachcomber.news/
Free Press Newspapers: http://freepressnewspapers.com/
Mount Horeb Mail: http://www.mounthorebmail.com/




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